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Blaupunkt Ingolstadt AU - Volkswagen (BLP-7633690252)

Blaupunkt Ingolstadt AU
Blaupunkt Ingolstadt AU
Blaupunkt Ingolstadt AU
The Blaupunkt Ingolstadt AU is a mono car radio that belongs to classic cars from the 1970s.
It is with the corresponding radio faceplate great for vehicles of the brands Volkswagen, et al.
This oldtimer radio has a 12-V-connection, one speaker connector, one antenna socket.
The device has 5 radio buttons.
M (medium wave frequency)
Mittelwelle (M)
K (high frequency (HF))
Kurzwelle (K)
L (long wave band (MF-HF))
Langwelle (L)
U (very high frequency (VHF))
Ultrakurzwelle (U)

The tone switch is integrated behind the on-off switch.The buttons are lockable to store channels.
The radio has normal signs of use (wearouts and possibly minor scratches).
The device has been expert guidance tested and fully tested for continuous operation: Receiving on all channels is clean and trouble-free. Buttons and controls function properly without hooking. The scale illumination is in tact.
The device will be tested again before shipping.
All images are original images of the offered device.